Keep On Smiling!

Miguel Guzman
Nancy diBenedetto
VSAR 302
2 Nov 2016

Keep On Smiling

Days typically feel a lot better when you are smiling and as a result, you enjoy the day more as it progresses. When people smile, they feel happy, but little do they know how great they look and what benefits it will bring to them with a simple gesture. A bad day, usually puts us in a bad mood and that negative energy feeds off into other people, which results in a bad environment to work or reside in. I want to encourage people to smile more often because it has great benefits, such as, reducing stress and much more. A smile would not hurt, it will only make your day a lot better.

I am proposing people to smile more throughout the day. Their day should not be a bad one and it should not make the days of other people a bad one either. A simple smile can go a long way. If you do not feel confident about showing off your smile to others, then try to smile when no one is looking, so your day turns out to be a good one. Eventually, people will notice your mood and will want to be around you because they too want to enjoy having a great day as well.

First, what needs to be done is to have confidence. Build confidence in yourself, so you can motivate and encourage yourself to have a great day. Smiles can be difficult to do, when your confidence is at a low point. Confidence is not an easy task to accomplish, but it can be done. A great way to start is by not worrying about what others say about you, instead focus on how you want to feel the rest of the day.

Do not let others ruin your day. Focus on what makes you happy and do not be afraid of showing the world your smile. People who give bad energy are not going to help you find a state of happiness. Jane Savoie, writer of 5 Easy Ways to Build Confidence, said, “You can accustom yourself to facing fear by taking a small risk on a regular basis, perhaps once a week or as often as every day… then you’ll have confidence in your ability to handle the situation however it pans out” (Savoie, 2010). A person can overcome obstacles by facing their fears, which helps builds confidence and it will help you feel happy and proud of what you achieved.

People have asked me before if I ever get upset or have a bad day because it never seems to show, since I am always smiling or laughing throughout the day. Everyone has a bad day, so it does not make me any different from anyone else. What I do to maintain a good image is to be aware there are worse problems out there and what I need to do is focus on smiling throughout tough situations. Problems should be addressed instantly and if they cannot be handled right away, then they need to be put aside because those problems should only be applied on yourself and the people who might be involved, rather than the lives of others who should not be affected by your situations. Do not feel as if you are ignoring your problems because it could only make situations worse for yourself. Instead, try to smile because you have the confidence to overcome any obstacle.

You might ask yourself, how can I smile when there is a problem? Problems will always find their way onto us, but it is how you approach the problem to solve it. A problem should not be ignored and it should not be the aspect in which you will focus on the entire time of the day. What needs to be done is to have a positive vibe, so you can focus on doing other tasks effectively and not adding on more problems. An example of how a smile can help overcome anything is best explained by Sumathi Reddy, author of Your Health: Stress-Busting Smiles — A Genuine Grin Can Help the Heart; Is Polite Faking Enough to See Benefits?, when she said “ [Kyle Gorjanc] began about a year ago making a conscious effort to smile when running…Since the biggest challenge in long- distance running isn’t physical but mental, smiling “ensures that long-distance running will be much, much easier,” (Reddy, 2013). When difficult tasks become easy it makes the day less stressful and more enjoyable. Smile more for a better outcome!

The goal is to have a great day and become less stressful. Do not feed off of negative energy lingering around from other people. First, make yourself happy, then try to make others feed off your happy energy. Marina Schall and other scholars wrote Smiling on the Inside: The Social Benefits of Suppressing Positive Emotions in Outperformance Situations, in which they discussed how great it is to express your happy emotions:
“Expressing positive emotions plays an important role in individuals’ social lives. For example, research shows that individuals express positive emotions to communicate friendliness and a motivation to establish close relationships (Kraut & Johnston, 1979), and that these individuals are perceived as more likable (Reysen, 2005), more sociable (Reis, Wilson, Monestere, & Bernstein, 1990), and more approachable (Harker & Keltner, 2001) as compared with others who are less inclined to show their positive emotions” (Schall, et al., 2016).

Regardless of how bad the day is, do not let that affect how people associate with you.
Practice smiling on your own time. Get used to the feeling of smiling, so you do not feel uncomfortable smiling when other people are around. Jamie Kyle McGillian, author of Don’t Stress the Small Stuff… Smile 🙂 writes, “Many studies show that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain relievers, along with serotonin, which is associated with many feel-good properties” (McGillian, 2015). All you need is a smile to release all the natural “feel-good properties” to start having a better day. Practice makes perfect, and soon that smile will start to come out naturally because you have gotten used to the good feeling it brings.

Overall, when going about your day, think about how you want it to turn out. Remember a smile is what brings all the positive emotions out of a person. Stay away from the negative thoughts or feelings because it will not make you any happier and it will only make the day worse. Feed off from the good energy of other people or become the person who will give a positive vibe to others because of your smile. Smiles will make a person more sociable and seem more approachable. It is always a good day when you have people around you who want to enjoy a great day. Keep on Smiling!

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