Photo Booth Project- San Diego, CA

The photo booth project took place in a San Diego neighborhood, where college students are mostly seen, but I also encountered people of different ages. People were uncomfortable with being in front of the camera, so getting them to help me out with the school assignment was not any easy task. I learned the key on how to approach people is to not take much of their time and let them know what their reward is for helping me. I said, “one minute of your time can help me with a school project and you will get a free donut for helping me out,” and quickly people agreed and some hesitated. The people who hesitated asked questions and when they found out the project involved picture taking, they got a little scared and kindly said no.

The most memorable part about this project was coming across an old friend [on the featured image]. This person was homeless for years and at the time I was only eight years old. We would say hi to each other throughout the years. The last time I saw him was when I graduated from high school. When he saw me this time, his eyes lid up and we shook hands with big smiles on our faces. He gladly took a picture and later explained how he has found a job and is doing a lot better than before. I am happy for him!

This Photo Booth project was a great experience because every person I came across had something special or unique about themselves. I enjoyed this project so much because I got to interact with new people and have a little laugh with them as I took their picture. I would highly recommend any upcoming or experienced photographers to do this project, so they can experience something new and share a little laugh with other people from the community.



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