Night Light: After-hours

Night Light shooting was a fun experience. I will definitely experiment more with this particular style of photography. It is not easy capturing what you want, but with more experience the impossible will not be difficult to capture. While I practiced capturing light, I decided to create a message and noticed it was not easy to capture written words in the same picture because they come out as bunch of scribbles. How I managed to create my message was by spelling it out word by word. I am going to practice more with night light shooting, so I can create a message in one picture in the near future. I chose “Don’t Fade Love” as my message because I feel we are experiencing so much hatred amongst each other and people all across the world need more love. I believeĀ love will bring peace, so please “don’t fade love” away.

These images are what I accomplished as I practiced capturing light in the dark. I began with scribbles and then practiced with images and letters.



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