Eli J. Medellin

The first speaker of the semester came to visit us during class and I was greatly inspired! Eli J. Medellin was an inspirational speaker because he gave great detail about how he became the photographer he is today. He made me think about how it is difficult to find what you are great at, but with great patience you will soon find it and once you have located it, you need to practice daily to be the best at what you do.

One aspect about his speech, which I am constantly reminded about, is how time never was an issue. He took pictures for the U.S. Navy, but every time he felt like stepping away from the Navy to pursue photography somewhere else his time at the navy continued to increase. What he thought would be his last day, turned into months, and then it became years. He did not have anything against the Navy, but only wanted to continue learning about photography outside of the Navy. His story made me realize time will never be an issue when you find what you are passionate about because you can continue doing it for as long as you want.

Photography was never a job for Eli. Eli viewed Photography as something fun and something he loved to do every time. Overall lesson was find what you love to do the most and do what you love the most.  Great speaker!


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