Question 1: What is a camera? – The camera is my best friend. It is the thing I use to capture pictures and video.

Question 2: Explain the Dial modes in your camera, Manual, Aperture, and Shutter. – Manual is used to adjust to aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. In Aperture priority you are able to set a desired aperture and the camera will automatically set the shutter speed to the right levels so you do not have to keep adjusting it manually. Shutter speed is the time the camera takes to capture a picture. They are measured in fractions of a second.

Question 3: If you are in a Low light situation what should your ISO be and what happens when you go to high? – Your ISO should be around 800 or higher, but as you increase the amount of ISO the more grain or noise there will be in your pictures.

Question 4: What are the Six basic tools in Lightroom? – Crop, Red-eye, gradient, adjustment brush, spot tool, and radial.

Question 5: Explain the function of the histogram and eye dropper tool. – The histogram represents the colors and tones of your photograph. This tool lets you know when you are over exposed or if you are underexposed depending on which way the histogram is shifted. The Eye dropper sets a white balance into your picture by clicking on a new color of your image.

Question 6: Explain the function of the library in Lightroom- The library in Lightroom allows you to import pictures and rename the files you will use to edit.

Question 7: Give me an example of how to rename a file.- Lastname_Date_Sequence# (guzman_24Oct2016_0001)

Question 8: In your own words please describe street photography. – Street photography is the way a photographer walks around any street and captures a moment from the random people who walk around in those streets. As a photographer you should always walk around with your best friend (camera) to capture special moments.

Question 9: What 19th Century process did Ian Ruhter us to print his pictures? – He used silver and light to capture amazing pictures and print large scales of them from the back of his van.

Question 10: Describe the difference between artificial and natural light. – Artificial light can be any light source such as lightbulbs, such as the ones used in studios, but it is mainly used to define facial features when using light defusers and other filters. Natural light comes from the sun.




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