Photography At Its Finest

richard-rendaldiphotographed strangers together, but what was powerful of his images, was the way he placed the strangers together. The images showed people, who looked as if they knew each other for years because of the comfortability shown in the people. In today’s society talking to, or meeting new people is awkward because people have lost courage to go out in the world and enjoy life as how it was intended to do before technology hooked us in and trapped our souls in a bubble, which is hard to escape from. His work is so effective, but it makes me wonder how many people denied him vs the ones who approved of him taking pictures. I will like to do this project, so I can help expand what he started and bring people closer together because in today’s age we lost the love for one another and it needs to be regained.


ruhter-ianIan Ruther, in my opinion, is an adventurous photographer who strives to get the best photos, but instead of snapping and editing photos, he works hard to capture every landscape or person from scratch. He first started by making his own camera and studio inside of a truck, which he travels all over the globe with to capture magnificent pictures. Second, he chases after the sunlight for the perfect lighting. Third, he sizes his own images by constructing his own canvases or prints he produced with raw materials. I wish I go to meet him, because I would love to learn  how he did produced such great work.


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