Believe In Yourself

In the world, artists may be placed in situations where it may seem difficult to get out of, but if you believe in yourself the world will be a lot brighter. When you are in those dark places, you will feel alone and unappreciated. Build confidence in yourself to get past the bridge, which holds the darkness on one end and a brighter future on the other end. Believe there is  a way out. Once out of the situation, you’ll feel proud and you’ll start to view the world from a different perspective.

TED Talks: Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now!

Great information on regards to being an artist was discussed in the TED Talks by Young-ha Kim. I connected with him on a lot of points related to how, as kids, we create art for the fun of it and not because we are told. I look at art as self-expression and no boundaries. In art, the artist is free to do as he or she wishes. There should not be anyone or anything telling the artists how to do there work. As Young- ha Kim mentions, those are the “Devils” of art. Do not let the “Devil” from blocking your creativity. Let the juices flow, be creative, and start right away when those amazing thoughts pop in your head. Only the best work comes out of an artist, when he or she are not paying attention to what others have to say or who they are trying to please. Be yourself, be creative, and be the artist you have always been, as a kid!





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